Our Story

We are story weavers. Using technology and creativity, we craft the stories behind your brand. We collaborate with creatives and professionals from diverse fields to dig deep into your brand’s essence and bring out the story that matters. After all, it takes a village to weave stories beautifully.

Club C-Hub is a hub for collaboration.

We thought, why compete with each other when we can work together and blend our skills, talents, and experience?

We even moved things around the office so people can meet over coffee (or tea) and have meaningful conversations.

That way, each story becomes richer and more diverse.

(As an added bonus, our kitchen never runs out of delish food either!)



No editing schedule is too toxic for Jude who has perfected the work-and-out-of-the-country-Star-Wars-event balance.

The way of the Jedi manifests itself in his editing skills, allowing him to turn videos and ads into stories worth sharing.

Jude never runs out of stories to tell himself, particularly of films or concerts that he covers as a photographer.

The Force is too strong in him to stay idle. Jude travels when he likes and has already ticked off all items on his bucket list, including working with the esteemed Yodas and Obi Wan Kenobis of the industry!



Mylene combs through every contract and cost estimate with cat-eyed sharpness. She pounces on every opportunity to make your story great. She catches every problem that can affect the story crafting process.

Like Catwoman sans the skin tight leather, Mylene cares for your story the same way she cares for her six cats at home. Meow!

JINGLE, Superwoman

If you want anything done, we’ve got Super Jing for you! With her special super power of multitasking, there are no limits to what she can do!

Need someone to keep the books? Call Jing!
Book the vans? Call Jing!
Fix the menu? Call Jing!
Pay the crew? Call Jing!
Source a supplier? Call Jing!

If you want to keep your sanity during the story crafting process…you know the drill.



Thea reinvents herself every day. Today she could be boxing; tomorrow, she could be doing her asanas. Next week, she could be learning about papercutting or discovering wines, if she’s not drinking them. Some days, she could be flying her drone or travelling to the other side of the world.

 She can easily shift the shape of her day AND her role for that day. Each of her reinventions is interesting, productive, and never dull.




Why Sockie would choose to be Iron Man is not surprising.

She is as funny, smart, and creative as the man inside the suit. Never mind that onscreen, Tony Stark is played by her bad-ass boyfriend Robert Downey. (The other boyfriend is Anthony Bourdain, another bad boy. Go figure!)

But it is the heart of Tony Stark that appeals to her– all at once vulnerable and strong. Always beating for what is right and true. When challenges arise, it is also a heart that finds ways to get things done.

The shield, well, that is the armor she wears to protect the fire within: Boost the good in the world with positive stories (and witty lines from good-looking men).