Client: Peerless Lion, Inc.
Year: 2014
Agency: TBWA

C-Hub: Creative | Shoot | Post

This documentary is part of the “Laughter for Life” advocacy of Systema Tooth and Gum Care. The campaign immortalizes the smiles and laughter of the indigenous people (IP) of the Philippines, whose tribes are on the brink of cultural extinction.

This video about the Tagbanuas, the indigenous people of Culion, Palawan, tackles their character as a people/tribe, what binds them, sustainability practices, their hopes and dreams despite the daily hardships they face.

Coordination for logistics and decorum with the IP was led by Cartwheel Foundation, an organization that seeks to give indigenous youth and communities the chance to enjoy their reight to quality and culturally relevant eduction.

A dental mission with volunteers from Centro Escolar University took place after the shoot.